Become A Chiropractor

Chiropractors are professionals who are licensed to treat patients that have injuries or pain of the back or neck. They administer diagnostic tests and x-ray exams as well as provide a number of other therapies. A chiropractor advises his or her patients about their lifestyles and their overall health. Below are the steps involved in how to become a chiropractor.

1.Graduating From “High” School

The first step involved in becoming a chiropractor will require a high school graduation or passing the GED ( General Education Development) exam. Either one of these requirements will need to be fulfilled for an acceptance to a “four-year” institution.

2.Obtain The Bachelor’s Degree

The applicant is required to complete a minimum of three years of this undergraduate education before they can apply for a “doctor of chiropractic program.” In addition, the applicant will need to complete 90 hours in science and liberal arts courses such as biology, chemistry and physics.

3.Complete A DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) Program

This program generally takes around 4 years. The first 2 years involves the study of biology, anatomy, physiology among other subjects. The next 2 years involves clinical training that is supervised in diagnosis and spinal manipulation.

4.Getting Licensed

Every state requires that all chiropractors need to be licensed, and the specific requirements will vary from state to state. Over and above the DC program, there are examinations that need to be passed, that include local and national exams.

5.Finding Work

Many chiropractors work within their own practices or within a group practice. While others will work in physicians offices or hospitals. This career requires that the person will be standing for extended periods of time when treating patients. It has been said that the demand for chiropractors is set to increase by a percentage of 28 between the years 2010 and 2020.

This is regarded as much faster than when compared to average growth rates for other jobs.

When deciding to run an individual practice, the chiropractor needs to invest the time in order to market their clinic, determine their appointment “scheduling system”, as well as maintaining relationships with their clients.

Over and above completing the licensure and educational requirements on how to become a chiropractor, the chiropractors need to have a good type of manual dexterity, be “detailed oriented” and have good interpersonal skills as this career requires working alongside various patients each day.

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